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Gumball V2 Toe Stops (Pair)


Image of Gumball V2 Toe Stops (Pair)
  • Image of Gumball V2 Toe Stops (Pair)

V2 of the ever popular Gumball toe stop features a flat, angled surface. This gives the skater a larger surface area and therefore more grip when pushing off.

The all natural, uncoloured rubber compound remains untouched in this new version, as have the aluminium stems which are available in two lengths, but with a twist. They're now available in random colours. Each box of Gumball Toe Stops will come with two different coloured stems so one may be blue and the other red. We have no control what colours are sent, it is a totally random selection.

Suitable for use on wood, sports tile, polished and unpolished concrete to name a few, these Gumball Toe Stops provide you with the ultimate in stopping power and durability.

Pack of two Gumball Toestops V2